What if I forget my ID?

NO EXCEPTIONS – You will not be allowed to participate if you do not have your ID!


Is Denver Beer Olympics a 501(c)3 non-profit?

Yes.  We are registered with IRS as a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.  We are also a registered non-profit organization in good standing with the State of Colorado.  Direct donations are tax-deductible; click HERE to donate to DBO directly.


How do I register to play on a team?

Each member will have to create a profile in “myDBO” (if they haven’t already); that includes name, email, security question, t-shirt size, and gender.  A single “captain” will pay the entire team fee and select the team members from the myDBO user list (you will need to know their email).  Once payment is processed, you can log in and see the teams that have already been created.  Remember: Only 4 players may be added to a team – 2 guys & 2 girls.  Get a head start on registration and sign up with myDBO today – CLICK HERE


What if I register, but can’t get a team of four together?

Registration fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.  When you register, you should have your team together.  If for some reason, you cannot fill a team after you register, you can opt to be placed on a team (if available) or on a waiting list for free agents.  If, by the day of the DBO you do not have a team, you will still be able to come to the DBO as a spectator and enjoy your free beer and get your t-shirt, while the remainder of your registration fee will be donated to LLS.


What if I want to sign up more than one person for my team?

You can register your entire team by going to the Team Registration link HERE


How many players on a team?

There are four (4) players to a team. There must be two girls and two guys.


What are the prizes for the winner?

First Place: Four (4) Saturday Tickets to the Great American Beer Festival

Second Place: TBD (for 2016 DBO)

Third Place: TBD (for 2016 DBO)


How will winners be determined?

Each of the eight events will be worth points, based on how your team does. At the end, the team with the most points will be the winner. 


Is this a Co-Ed event?

Yes. There must be two girls and two guys on each team. 


How many girls on a team?

Two (2). No exceptions.


What are the events?

There will be eight (8) events: Beer Pong, Cornhole, Hammerschlagen, Beersbee, Flip Cup, Beer Relay, Quarters, and Das Boot. Specific details concerning the events can be found at our Events page. 


Does everyone on the team have to participate?

In order to qualify for points each event, participation is mandatory (why else would you be out there). However, four of the events are 2-player events; each player must compete in two of the 2-player events. And all 2-player events must have one guy and one girl.  Note: If a player does not feel comfortable, he/she can opt out of participation; see specific event rules as to disqualification/point forfeiture.


Are there different rules for girls/guys?

No rule differences for girls or guys. This is a drinking and skill competition; there’s no advantage if you have a “Y” chromosome 🙂


I want to change my team member from when I signed up. How do I do that?

*Team member names listed for a given team must match the names on the valid photo ID brought on the day of the event.*  If a registered player on your team wishes to play for a different team, the team captain can ‘replace’ that player on the team OR the player can ‘leave’ the team (and join another).  If you would like to transfer registrations, email the DBO no later than TEN DAYS prior to the event: info@denverbeerolympics.com


How much does this cost?

Registration is $75 per person.  You cannot register after we fill the number of teams; we cannot take teams beyond our capacity. But there will be a waiting list for teams. AND there will be organized games for attendees!


Where will this be held?

The 2016 Denver Beer Olympics location is Civic Center Park in Denver (Sat, August 6). 


Do all the events involve drinking?

Some events require the drinking of beer to qualify for the competition, but is not required.  Some are skill games, where you don’t have to drink, however, since the beer is included in your team fee and it is the BEER Olympics, we encourage you to have a beer during games. 


Does everyone have to drink beer?

Yes. This is the BEER Olympics, no other drink may be substituted when drinking is a part of the game, by rule. 


What are the rules of [each event]?

The rules and specific details of the events can be found on our Events page. 


Will there be judges for these events?

Yes. There will be officials for each event. They will be aware of the specific rules of the Denver Beer Olympics and will make any ruling or judgment determinations that are necessary.


Are there second and third place prizes?

Yes. There will be prizes for both second and third place teams overall. In addition, each event at the Denver Beer Olympics will have a prize for the winners.


Is my entry fee tax deductible?

Because of the prizes involved, the entry fee is not tax deductible. However, a direct donation may be tax deductible: Donate Directly


What cause is this benefiting?

We are raising money to help the fight against blood cancers.  Proceeds from the Denver Beer Olympics (DBO) will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). 


What is the Leukemia Lymphoma Society?

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the world’s largest voluntary (nonprofit) health organization dedicated to funding blood cancer research and providing education and patient services. For more information, please visit their website: www.lls.org